This collection features book chapters published by the Montclair State University community. Full text of book chapters may not be available here. Please check the link in the notes for the availability of the book in a library.


Submissions from 2018

Henry Ford and the Jews, Neil Baldwin and Claire Drevon

Submissions from 2017


Exploring Authority in Linguistics Research: Who to Trust When Everyone’s a Language Expert, Catherine Baird and Jonathan Howell

Submissions from 2016

Arts-based Research, Michael Viega and Michele Forinash

Submissions from 2015

"Working with the Negatives to Make a Better Picture" : Exploring Hip-Hop Songs in Pediatric Rehabilitation, Michael Viega

Submissions from 2013

Direct Encounters : Challenging My Sense of Self as a Good, Moral Person, Michael Viega and Susan Hadley

Submissions from 2012

The Hero's Journey in Hip-Hop and its Applications in Music Therapy, Michael Viega

Hear Our Voices : A Music Therapy Songwriting Program and the Message of the Little Saints, Michael Viega and Scott MacDonald