Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Anthropology, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, are collected here.


Submissions from 2021

People's Planning : Kerala, Local Democracy and Development, T.M. Thomas Isaac and Richard W. Franke (2021)

Submissions from 2020


A Struggle for Heritage : Archaeology and Civil Rights in a Long Island Community, Christopher N. Matthews (2020)

The Archaeology of Native North America, Dean R. Snow, Nancy Gonlin, and Peter E. Siegel (2020)

Submissions from 2019


Public Space, Legitimacy and Democracy, Julian Brash (2019)


Population Viability and Harvest Sustainability for Madagascar Lemurs, Cara E. Brook, James P. Herrera, Cortni Borgerson, Emma C. Fuller, Pascal Andriamahazoarivosoa, B. J.Rodolph Rasolofoniaina, J. L.Rado Ravoavy Randrianasolo, Z. R.Eli Rakotondrafarasata, Hervet J. Randriamady, Andrew P. Dobson, and Christopher D. Golden (2019)


Cohort Description of the Madagascar Health and Environmental Research–Antongil (Mahery–Antongil) Study in Madagascar, Christopher D. Golden, Cortni Borgerson, Benjamin L. Rice, Lindsay H. Allen, Evelin Jean Gasta Anjaranirina, Christopher B. Barrett, Godfred Boateng, Jessica A. Gephart, Daniela Hampel, Daniel L. Hartl, Erwin Knippenberg, Samuel S. Myers, Dera H. Ralalason, Herlyne Ramihantaniarivo, Hervet Randriamady, Setareh Shahab-Ferdows, Bapu Vaitla, Sarah K. Volkman, and Miadana Arisoa Vonona (2019)


Assemblages, Routines, and Social Justice Research in Community Archaeology, Christopher Matthews (2019)


Confusion and Frustration As Catalysts for Change: ‘Rich Points’ in Multicultural Education, Maisa Taha (2019)

Submissions from 2018


Estimating the Population Size of Lemurs Based on Their Mutualistic Food Trees, James P. Herrera, Cortni Borgerson, Lydia Tongasoa, Pascal Andriamahazoarivosoa, B. J.Rodolph Rasolofoniaina, Eli R. Rakotondrafarasata, J. L.Rado Ravoavy Randrianasolo, Steig E. Johnson, Patricia C. Wright, and Christopher D. Golden (2018)


Created Communities: Segregation and the History of Plural Sites on Eastern Long Island, New York, Christopher Matthews and Allison Manfra McGovern (2018)


Environmental Remediation and Its Discontents: The Contested Cleanup of Vieques, Puerto Rico, Katherine McCaffrey (2018)

Island Historical Ecology : Socionatural Landscapes of the Eastern and Southern Caribbean, Peter E. Siegel (2018)


Plantation Soilscapes: Initial and Cumulative Impacts of Colonial Agriculture in Antigua, West Indies, E. Christian Wells, Suzanna M. Pratt, Georgia L. Fox, Peter Siegel, Nicholas P. Dunning, and A. Reginald Murphy (2018)

Submissions from 2017


Creating a User-Friendly Interactive Interpretive Resource with ESRI’s ArcGIS Story Map Program, Alexis Alemy, Sophia Hudzik, and Christopher Matthews (2017)


A Counter-Archaeology of Labor and Leisure in Setauket, New York, Bradley D. Phillippi and Christopher Matthews (2017)


Shadow Subjects: A Category of Analysis for Empathic Stancetaking, Maisa Taha (2017)

Submissions from 2016


Optimizing Conservation Policy: The Importance of Seasonal Variation in Hunting and Meat Consumption on the Masoala Peninsula of Madagascar, Cortni Borgerson (2016)


Who Hunts Lemurs and Why They Hunt Them, Cortni Borgerson, Margaret A. McKean, Michael R. Sutherland, and Laurie R. Godfrey (2016)

Mexicans on the Move : Migration and Return in Rural Mexico, Frances A. Rothstein (2016)

Submissions from 2015


The Effects of Illegal Hunting and Habitat on Two Sympatric Endangered Primates, Cortni Borgerson (2015)


Responsible girls: the spatialized politics of feminine success and aspiration in a divided Silicon Valley, USA, Elsa M Davidson (2015)

The Archaeology of Race in the Northeast, Christopher N. Matthews and Allison Manfra McGovern (2015)


The Murder of Mapepe: Military Violence in Cold War Puerto Rico, Katherine McCaffrey (2015)

'Porque Las Raizes No Se Olvidan'continuity and Change Among Mexican Migrants in New Jersey, Frances Rothstein (2015)


Paleoenvironmental Evidence for First Human Colonization of the Eastern Caribbean, Peter Siegel, John G. Jones, Deborah M. Pearsall, Nicholas P. Dunning, Pat Farrell, Neil A. Duncan, Jason H. Curtis, and Sushant K. Singh (2015)

Mapping Composite Vulnerability to Groundwater Arsenic Contamination: An Analytical Framework and a Case Study in India, Sushant K. Singh and Neeraj Vedwan (2015)

Submissions from 2014

I Found Work! Forty Years of Research on Work in Rural Mexico, Frances Rothstein (2014)

Submissions from 2013

Confronting Caribbean Heritage in an Archipelago of Diversity: Politics, Stakeholders, Climate Change, Natural Disasters, Tourism, and Development, Peter Siegel, Corinne L. Hofman, Benoît Bérard, Reg Murphy, Jorge Ulloa Hung, Roberto Valcárcel Rojas, and Cheryl White (2013)

Submissions from 2012

The Ghost in the Machine: The Neoliberal Urban Visions of Michael Bloomberg, Julian Brash (2012)

Gilded Ages and Gilded Archaeologies of American Exceptionalism, Christopher Matthews (2012)

Submissions from 2011

Bloomberg's New York : Class and Governance in the Luxury City, Julian Brash (2011)

The Burdens of Aspiration : Schools, Youth, and Success in the Divided Social Worlds of Silicon Valley, Elsa Davidson (2011)

Managing Risk and 'Giving Back': Aspiration Among Working-Class Latino Youth in Silicon Valley, Elsa M Davidson (2011)

Righteous Dopefiend and Aids, Sex, and Culture: Global Politics and Survival in Southern Africa, Elsa M Davidson (2011)

Lonely Islands: Culture, Community, and Poverty in Archaeological Perspective, Christopher Matthews (2011)


Dynamics of Inclusion in Public Archaeology: An Introduction, Christopher Matthews, Carol McDavid, and Patrice L. Jeppson (2011)


Impoverishment, Criminalization, and the Culture of Poverty, Suzanne M. Spencer-Wood and Christopher Matthews (2011)

Submissions from 2010

The Archaeology of American Capitalism, Christopher N. Matthews (2010)

Continuity and Change in the Evolution of Religion and Political Organization on Pre-Columbian Puerto Rico, Peter Siegel (2010)


The Hijab North of Gibraltar: Moroccan Women As Objects of Civic and Social Transformation, Maisa Taha (2010)

Submissions from 2009

Describing Tragedy: The Information Access Needs of Blind People in Emergency-Related Circumstances, Elaine Gerber (2009)

Submissions from 2008

Marketing the Self: The Politics of Aspiration Among Middle-Class Silicon Valley Youth, Elsa M Davidson (2008)

Designed to Deter. Community Barriers to Physical Activity for People With Visual Or Motor Impairments, Corinne E. Kirchner, Elaine Gerber, and Brooke C. Smith (2008)

Apple Growers' Associations in Northwestern India: Emergence, Success, and Limitations in the Context of State-Society Interactions, Neeraj Vedwan (2008)

Institutional Evolution in Lake Okeechobee Management in Florida: Characteristics, Impacts, and Limitations, Neeraj Vedwan, Sajjad Ahmad, Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, Kenneth Broad, David Letson, and Guillermo Podesta (2008)

Submissions from 2007

History to Prehistoryan Archaeology of being Indian, Christopher Matthews (2007)

Pesticide in Coca-Cola and Pepsi: Consumerism, Brand Image, and Public Interest in a Globalizing India, Neeraj Vedwan (2007)

Submissions from 2006

Re-Scaling Patriotism: Competition and Urban Identity in Michael Bloomberg's New York, Julian Brash (2006)

Literacy & Controversy: Focus-Group Data from Canada on Proposed Changes to the Braille Code, Elaine Gerber and Brooke C. Smith (2006)


Social Struggle Against the U.S. Navy in Vieques, Puerto Rico: Two Movements in History, Katherine McCaffrey (2006)


The Battle for Vieques' Future, Katherine McCaffrey (2006)

Submissions from 2005

Public Dialectics: Marxist Reflection in Archaeology, Christopher Matthews (2005)

Challenging Consumption Theory: Production and Consumption in Central Mexico, Frances Rothstein (2005)

Submissions from 2004

The Work of 9/11myth, History and the Contradictions of the Post-Fiscal Crisis Consensus, Julian Brash (2004)

Public Significance and Imagined Archaeologists: Authoring Pasts in Context, Christopher Matthews (2004)

An Integrated Analysis of Pre-Hispanic Mortuary Practices: a Middle Sicán Case Study, Izumi Shimada, Ken Ichi Shinoda, Julie Farnum, Robert Corruccini, and Hirokatsu Watanabe (2004)

Submissions from 2003

The Benefits of and Barriers to Computer Use for Individuals Who Are Visually Impaired, Elaine Gerber (2003)

Submissions from 2002

Deconstructing Pregnancy: RU486, Seeing "Eggs," and the Ambiguity of Very Early Conceptions, Elaine Gerber (2002)

The Political Economy of Archaeological Cultures: Marxism and American Historical Archaeology, Christopher Matthews, Mark P. Leone, and Kurt A. Jordan (2002)

Submissions from 2001

Climate Change in the Western Himalayas of India: A Study of Local Perception and Response, Neeraj Vedwan and Robert E. Rhoades (2001)

Submissions from 2000

Flexible Work and Postmodern Culture: The Impact of Globalization on Work and Culture in Rural Mexico, Frances Rothstein (2000)

Submissions from 1999


Context and Interpretation: An Archaeology of Cultural Production, Christopher Matthews (1999)

Declining Odds: Kinship, Women's Employment, and Political Economy in Rural Mexico, Frances Rothstein (1999)

Submissions from 1997

The Impact of Development, the Commercialization of Agriculture, and Economic Dependency on Women's Participation in Agricultural Production, Beth Vanfossen and Frances Rothstein (1997)

Submissions from 1996

Flexible Accumulation, Youth Labor and Schooling in a Rural Community in Mexico, Frances Rothstein (1996)

Submissions from 1995

Trace Elements in Ancient Human Bone and Associated Soil Using NAA, Julie Farnum, M. D. Glascock, Mary K. Sandford, and S. Gerritsen (1995)

Submissions from 1993

The First Documented Prehistoric Gold-Copper Alloy Artefact from the West Indies, Peter Siegel and Kenneth P. Severin (1993)

Submissions from 1988

Global Views and Human Action in a Rural Community in Mexico, Frances Rothstein (1988)

Submissions from 1986

The New Proletarians: Third World Reality and First World Categories, Frances Rothstein (1986)

More on Functional Variability within an Assemblage of Endscrapers: A Reply to Hayden and Bamforth, Peter Siegel (1986)

Submissions from 1984

Functional Variability within an Assemblage of Endscrapers, Peter Siegel (1984)

Submissions from 1970


Family Planning and Conjugal Roles in New York City Poverty Areas, Steven Polgar and Frances Rothstein (1970)