Semi-Parametric Hybrid Empirical Likelihood Inference for Two-Sample Comparison with Censored Data

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Two-sample comparison problems are often encountered in practical projects and have widely been studied in literature. Owing to practical demands, the research for this topic under special settings such as a semiparametric framework have also attracted great attentions. Zhou and Liang (Biometrika 92:271-282, 2005) proposed an empirical likelihood-based semi-parametric inference for the comparison of treatment effects in a two-sample problem with censored data. However, their approach is actually a pseudo-empirical likelihood and the method may not be fully efficient. In this study, we develop a new empirical likelihood-based inference under more general framework by using the hazard formulation of censored data for two sample semi-parametric hybrid models. We demonstrate that our empirical likelihood statistic converges to a standard chi-squared distribution under the null hypothesis. We further illustrate the use of the proposed test by testing the ROC curve with censored data, among others. Numerical performance of the proposed method is also examined.



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