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Computers & Structures


Parallel plate chambers are frequently used to examine the response of biological cells to a constant wall shear stress. However, the stress can vary more than 80% across the chamber due to end effects. Earlier estimates of the magnitude of this inhomogeneity used boundary layer theory and experiments. Here, the full equations for steady, three-dimensional flow in a novel parallel plate device were solved numerically and used to identify an active test region where the shear stress is within 5% of a constant value. Endothelial cells can be confined to this region to assure a nearly uniform shear stress exposure.



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Chung, B. J., Robertson, A. M., & Peters, D. G. (2003). The numerical design of a parallel plate flow chamber for investigation of endothelial cell response to shear stress. Computers & Structures, 81(8-11), 535-546.