Old Hickory Records and John Abbots Drawings: North American Host Records Evaluated for Papilio Glaucus

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Accurate host plant records are an invaluable tool for anyone conducting research on the Lepidoptera. Recently, Calhoun (2007a, b) presented excellent reviews of two sets of John Abbot's butterfly life history illustrations. Within this review hickory, Carya sp., is identified as a host of Papitio glaucus (L.) based on Abbot's illustrations and records in the literature. Here we evaluate the potential for hickory, Carya spp., to be used as host plants by the tiger swallowtail butterflies, Papilio glaucus and P. canadensis (R. & J.). Results from larval survival and ovipositional behavior trials indicate that Carya spp. should not be considered hosts for these butterflies.

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