Definitions of Transpersonal BMGIM Experience

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Nordic Journal of Music Therapy


The purpose of this study was to discover definitions of transpersonal experiences of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (BMGIM). A qualitative interviewing method was implemented with nine BMGIM practitioners, all with extensive experience as BMGIM clients. Participants underwent three interviews. In the first interview, participants identified several of their own BMGIM experiences (as clients) which they considered transpersonal, and several which they did not. In the second interview, with the aid of a user–interactive computer program, each participant compared her or his own experiences, revealing interrelationships among them. In the third interview, participants elaborated upon certain interrelationships among experiences which emerged in the second interview. Interpretations of experiential interrelationships revealed a definition of transpersonal BMGIM experience for each participant. Results were considered in terms of existing understandings of transpersonal BMGIM experience, as well as in terms of implications for clinical work, theory, and research.



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Abrams, B. (2002). Definitions of transpersonal BMGIM experience. Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, 11 (2), 103-126.