A Field Study of Sixth-grade Students Creative Music Problem Solving Processes.

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Fall 1989

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Journal of Research in Music Education


In this qualitative research study, the author examined the creative problem-solving processes of sixth-grade students in the general music class. Eight creative problem-solving activities were videotaped at four school sites. Starting with the assumption that problem solving involves a series of choices, the author analyzed the student's chain of music decisions from problem perception through problem solution. Findings demonstrated that highly involved problem solvers explored and organized sound for its musical expressiveness, while uninvolved problem solvers rarely based their decision making on musical concerns. In addition, the problem structure and the student's perception of the problem's relevance seemed to influence the problem-solving process. The author concluded that structured exploratory experiences with related discussion, as well as problems that encourage students to determine their own forms in music, may facilitate higher levels of musical thinking.



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DeLorenzo, L (1989). A field study of sixth-grade students creative music problem solving processes. Journal of Research in Music Education, 37(8), 188-200.