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Fall 9-2019

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School Music News- New York State School Music Association


Popular music ensembles are becoming more popular in public school music education classrooms throughout the United States (Powell & Burstein, 2017). In response to the concerns about the introduction of popular music ensembles “cannibalizing” other school music programs, this study examines the enrollment in middle and high school modern band programs affiliated with the non-profit organization Little Kids Rock. The goal was to gain a better understanding of the impact that introducing a modern band ensemble had on existing ensembles and on participation in school music as a whole. The results of the study indicate that the introduction of modern band ensembles into school music programs brought in new students who were not participating in the school’s traditional music ensembles. Instead of cannibalizing students from existing ensembles, the introduction of modern band ensembles into the district expanded access to school music for more students without negatively impacting student enrollment in the traditional ensembles.