Change in Music Teacher Education: A Philosophical View

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Book Chapter

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The Oxford Handbook of Preservice Music Teacher Education in the United States


This chapter offers a philosophical perspective on the central aims and values of music teacher education with a specific focus on the ethical dimensions of music teaching and learning. Drawing on the work of music education scholars, philosophers of mind, and philosophers of education, the chapter builds an argument for the view that music teacher education should be ethically guided and ethically applied in practice. Additionally, it suggests that “pedagogical content” should include dialogical discussions and activities related to the role of ethics in music teacher education because, among many values, the professional work of future music educators involves highly refined ethical sensibilities and opportunities for their own students to learn the nature of and strategies for acting rightly, appropriately, and responsibly in their future circumstances. Indeed, ethically guided music teacher education offers the profession rich opportunities to develop “ethically right” compassion, caring, and generosity toward others.



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Oxford University

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Colleen Conway, Kristen Pellegrino, Ann Marie Stanley, Chad West