High Dielectric Constant Hf-Ti-Sn-O Off-Axis Cosputtered Films

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New Hf-Sn-Ti-O thin-film dielectric materials were explored using a compositional-spread approach. Thin films of composition Hf0.2Sn0.05Ti0.75O2 prepared at 250°C have excellent dielectric properties: 40-50 nm thick films with a dielectric constant of 40-60 were obtained, depending on the processing conditions, yielding a specific capacitance of 9-17 fF/μm2. Breakdown fields were measured to be about 4 MV/cm, yielding a Figure of Merit εε0Ebr = 19 μC/cm2. Leakage currents, measured at 1 MV/cm, were in the range 10-7-10-6 A/cm2. Film properties are strongly dependent on substrate temperature during deposition. Like their recently reported zirconium analogs, these materials are of interest for use in Si-IC device technology, for example as storage capacitors in DRAM.

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