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Analytical chemistry


Scanning probe microscopy (SPM) techniques have become indispensable tools for studying nano- and microscale materials and processes but suffer from a trade-off between resolution and areal scan rate that limits their utility for a number of applications and sample types. Here, we present a novel approach to SPM imaging based on combining nonlocal scanning line probes with compressed sensing (CS) signal analysis methods. Using scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) as an exemplar SPM technique, we demonstrate this approach using continuous microband electrodes, or line probes, which are used to perform chemical imaging of electrocatalytic Pt discs deposited on an inert substrate. These results demonstrate the potential to achieve high areal SPM imaging rates using nonlocal scanning probes and CS image reconstruction.



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O’Neil, G. D., Kuo, H. W., Lomax, D. N., Wright, J., & Esposito, D. V. (2018). Scanning line probe microscopy: Beyond the point probe. Analytical chemistry, 90(19), 11531-11537.