An Embedded System for Extracting Keystroke Patterns using Pressure Sensors

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Popular biometric security technologies include fingerprint and iris recognition systems. These technologies are extremely accurate because the patterns associated with an individual's finger or eye are very unique and static. However, when these technologies are used for physical access control they inform the potential adversary that specific characteristics are required to gain access. Behaviometrics aims to develop new strategies to enhance physical security via covert monitoring of distinct behavioral patterns. This research presents a novel stand-alone behaviometric prototype that incorporates standard password security with unique pressure characteristics to covertly analyse individual typing patterns. The prototype is evaluated under a controlled setting with 62 human subjects and nine classification algorithms. The kNN algorithm produced the highest classification rate of 94%. This research is one of the few papers that empirically substantiates biometric performance with a large-scale human subject trial, and also identifies several critical design considerations that impact classifier performance.



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