An Innovative Energy-Aware Cloud Task Scheduling Framework

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With the increased popularity of cloud computing, the number and scales of cloud data centers have kept growing at unprecedented speeds. In the meanwhile, the energy consumption by the data centers has kept commensurately increasing as well. Therefore, the focus of cloud resource management and scheduling has relatively shifted from mere performance to also energy efficiency. In this paper, we present a novel, Energy-Aware Task Scheduling framework that makes integrated exploitation of the two well-known energy saving techniques, DVFS and VM Reuse, on cloud task scheduling in a data center. We present our scheduling approach and framework via a specific algorithm, called EATS-FFD, that assumes FFD as its base scheduling policy. With minor modification, the presented framework can be made to work with a different base scheduling policy, resulting in a correspondingly different scheduling algorithm. Our approach achieves better energy-efficiency without sacrificing system QoS. The effectiveness of our approach is evaluated under various experimental scenarios using the Cloud Report tool running on the open source CloudSim platform.



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