Current Developments in Big Data and Sustainability Sciences in Mobile Citizen Science Applications

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Sustainability Sciences Studies is an interdisciplinary approach towards understanding how to develop a culture of conservation. This culture of conservation can be viewed from many different aspects, from the individual person's decisions to larger community's impacts. In all of this, we see large quantities of data in a push-pull relationship with each other, with stakeholders needing to have access to real-time generated data sets and analytics from populations as large as a metropolitan community and be able to respond to as well as disseminate information to these populations. In this paper, we present a survey of the literature in these areas. The pervasive and diverse nature of big data in these fields demonstrates the need for data scientists to collaborate to identify ways to address the common and disparate needs that different projects may have in relation to big data. We also briefly present a platform and implementation the Sustainability Studies Mobile Toolkit (SSMT) and Geotagger that seek to address some of these needs.



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