Decision Support for Perceived Threat in the Context of Intrusion Detection Systems

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The objective of this research is to propose a novel approach for using a behavioral biometric known as keystroke analysis, to facilitate decision making in the context of an intrusion detection system (IDS). Regardless of the situation, individuals have a specific baseline or disposition to decision making based on two psychological factors: (1) indecisiveness, and (2) intolerance of uncertainty. The IDS provides a probability of intrusion and a set of objective situational characteristics. We propose a decision support system that allows the decision maker to state a level of perceived threat and to vary the security thresholds that determines the false acceptance rates of the IDS. Our hypothesis is that perceived threat depends not only on the keystroke technology but also on the social context and disposition toward decision making of the user. This research tests this hypothesis and provides guidance in the design of better security systems.

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