A Distributed System for Parallel Simulations

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We presented the technologies and algorithms to build a web-based visualization and steering system to monitor the dynamics of remote parallel simulations executed on a Linux Cluster. The polynomial time based algorithm to optimally utilize distributed computing resources over a network to achieve maximum frame-rate was also proposed. Keeping up with the advancements in modern web technologies, we have developed an Ajax-based web frontend which allows users to remotely access and control ongoing computations via a web browser facilitated by visual feedbacks in real-time. Experimental results are also given from sample runs mapped to distributed computing nodes and initiated by users at different geographical locations. Our preliminary results on frame-rates illustrated that system performance was affected by network conditions of the chosen mapping loop including available network bandwidth and computing capacities. The underlying programming framework of our system supports mixed-programming mode and is flexible to integrate most serial or parallel simulation code written in different programming languages such as Fortran, C and Java.



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