Feature Extraction of EIT EUV Images for Solar Prominence Eruption

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Filament or prominence in the solar atmosphere are clouds of relatively dense and cool gas. They are refer to the same thing while view from different perspectives. If the research focus is on the full solar disk surface, then we call them filament. If one's focus is on the limb of the solar surface then it is called prominence. The NJIT solar research group has intensive research on various solar activities and events from prominence, CME, filaments detection and flare. This report focuses on the comparison of using different extreme ultra violet images downloaded from NASA SOHO web sites. The studies of solar limb object detection which is an important preprocessing step that can lead to further detection of prominence eruption events. We discuss and compare various options of limb object detection using different wavelength of EUV images. Then we briefly describe how limb objects can be detected. Due to the effectiveness of using 304 A EUV image to detect prominence eruption, we compute only the features of these limb objects based on EUV 304A images. The results of the EUV Limb Object Detection Catalog, can be found at the NJIT Space Weather Research Lab web site http://swrl.njit.edu/itr/euvprominence.html.

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