A Mobile Tool for Collecting Scientific Experimental Data

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During the Summer of 2014, several students from Montclair High school enrolled in the Weston Science Summer program. In this program, we were split into small groups and worked with College professors as mentors. We were given 6 weeks to address an issue and come up with solution for this issue. I worked with four other students (state the students) were given the opportunity to work with Dr. Katherine Herbert to come up with a Mobile Application for scientific data collection. Dr. Herbert is a professor and researcher at Montclair State University. Dr. Herbert's research involves looking at how computational data sciences can address problems in sustainability sciences. As part of a group we decided that we wanted to create a prototype mobile application for scientific data services. We wanted the application to allow a user to create a data schema of his or her choice, store multiple schemas for multiple individuals, allows users to enter and save data that conforms to the schema, and to visualize the scientific data for the user.



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