NMapi A.NET HL7 Data Mapping Application

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In the medical and healthcare industry there is a large amount of data transfer. There are some applications that assist with this data transfer. These applications can not only help with the transfer of data, but they can also help with the management or ordering of this data. With many hospitals, private practices, labs and other medical or healthcare systems working together, there is a need for some type of standardization. Health Level 7(HL7) is a standard for handling electronic health information. HL7 messages are generated on one end and parsed on the other. For example, a system could generate a message from data in a database and on the other side the message can be parsed and passed on to another database-driven application. Just because two parties are following HL7 standards, does not mean they will both generate or parse a message exactly the same. Interface of data mapping is needed in order to handle the information exchange. In this paper we report an implementation of .NET HL7 Mapping Application Interface (nMapi) using C#.

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