Online Interactive Home Work Grading System

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In recent years, World Wide Web usage for teaching and learning has increased rapidly. At the same time, the traditional paper based grading of home works have also not changed. Recently there have been many researches on automated and intelligent grading. Clearly an online grading system would be a highly desirable addition to the educational tool-kit, particularly if it can provide less costly and more effective outcome. To facilitate the student and faculties in submitting and grading their home works, a new, interactive and adaptable approach has been implemented. The unique feature of this research is to allow the grader to mark over the assignment submitted and to add comments to it. Common errors committed are recorded and is used to recommend the instructor to review certain topics which corresponds to the high error percentage. The system has been developed by making use of free distribution of software products available for the public. Based upon our experience we offer suggestions for improving the system to make it an adaptive system.

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