A New Content-Based Image Retrieval System using Hand Gesture and Relevance Feedback

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Current research on Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) is centered on designing efficient query schemes in order to provide a user with effective mechanisms for image database search. Among representative CBIR query schemes, query-by-sketch has been one of attractive query tools that are highly adaptive to user's subjectivity. However, query-by-sketch has a few limitations. That is, most sketch tools demand expertise in image processing or computer vision of the user to provide good enough sketches that can be used as query. Furthermore, sketching the exact shape of an object using a mouse can be a burden on the user. To overcome some of the limitations associated with query-by-sketch, we propose a new query method for CBIR, query-by-gesture, that does not require sketches, thereby minimizing user interaction. In our system, the user does not need to use a mouse to make a sketch. Instead, the user draws the shape of object by hand that he/she intends to search in front of a camera. In addition, our query-by-gesture technique uses relevance feedback to interactively improve retrieval performance and allow progressive refinement of query results according to the user's specification. The efficacy of our proposed method is validated using images from the CorelPhoto CD.



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