Secure K-Nearest Neighbor Query over Encrypted Data in Outsourced Environments

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For the past decade, query processing on relational data has been studied extensively, and many theoretical and practical solutions to query processing have been proposed under various scenarios. With the recent popularity of cloud computing, users now have the opportunity to outsource their data as well as the data management tasks to the cloud. However, due to the rise of various privacy issues, sensitive data (e.g., medical records) need to be encrypted before outsourcing to the cloud. In addition, query processing tasks should be handled by the cloud; otherwise, there would be no point to outsource the data at the first place. To process queries over encrypted data without the cloud ever decrypting the data is a very challenging task. In this paper, we focus on solving the k-nearest neighbor (kNN) query problem over encrypted database outsourced to a cloud: a user issues an encrypted query record to the cloud, and the cloud returns the k closest records to the user. We first present a basic scheme and demonstrate that such a naive solution is not secure. To provide better security, we propose a secure kNN protocol that protects the confidentiality of the data, user's input query, and data access patterns. Also, we empirically analyze the efficiency of our protocols through various experiments. These results indicate that our secure protocol is very efficient on the user end, and this lightweight scheme allows a user to use any mobile device to perform the kNN query.



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