Work in Progress - an Innovative Design of a Master in Computer Science Program

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Master in Computer Science programs (MS-CS) are critically important in producing competitive IT professionals and preparing students for doctorate research. A major challenge is how to integrate the latest computing technologies into MS-CS programs without compromising the computer science foundation education. This paper shares Pace University's study and experience in renovating its MS-CS program to address this challenge. The study started with the identification of the most important progress in computing over the past decade and its relationship with the fundamental computer science concepts and theory. In particular Internet and web technologies, cloud computing, mobile computing, and Internet/web security are analyzed. Based on this theoretical analysis Pace University's MS-CS program was revised into a 30-credit program with a 12-credit program core for comprehensive theoretical foundation, 12-credit concentrations for in-depth study in selected technology areas, and three 6-credit capstone options for knowledge integration and application as well as life-long learning.



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