The Department of Counseling and Educational Leadership became two separate departments in July 2019 - the Department of Counseling, and the Department of Educational Leadership. Please refer to those communities for all research going forward.


Submissions from 2018

District Financial Leadership Today : Educational Excellence Tomorrow, Stephen V. Coffin and Bruce S. Cooper (2018)

The Shifting Landscape of the American School District : Race, Class, Geography, and the Perpetual Reform of Local Control, 1935-2015, David A. Gamson and Emily M. Hodge (2018)

Submissions from 2017

Sound School Finance for Educational Excellence, Stephen Coffin and Bruce S. Cooper (2017)

Why School Leaders Need Vision : Managing Scarcity, Mandates, and Conflicting Goals for Educational Quality, Bruce S. Cooper, Carlos R. McCray, and Stephen Coffin (2017)

A Guide to Graduate Programs in Counseling, Tyler M. Kimbel and Dana Heller Levitt (2017)


Developing the Ultimate Course Search Tool: A Pilot Study, Edina Renfro-Michel and Sailume Walo-Roberts (2017)

Submissions from 2016

Coercive Concern : Nationalism, Liberalism, and the Schooling of Muslim Youth, Reva Jaffe-Walter (2016)

Censorship and Student Communication in Online and Offline Settings, Joseph O. Oluwole and Preston C. Green III (2016)

Submissions from 2013

Values and Ethics in Counseling : Real-Life Ethical Decision Making, Dana Heller Levitt and Holly J. Hartwig Moorhead (2013)

Sext Ed : Obscenity Versus Free Speech in Our Schools, Joseph Oluwole and Preston C. Green III (2013)