The Creative Research Center (CRC) is a born-digital, dynamic, nimble, open-source, collaborative space — a Web forum to stimulate, reinvigorate, promote and publicize “Very Large-Scale Conversations.” The CRC continues to be energized by curatorial, editorial and outreach intentions to break down the so-called “silos” among academic colleges, departments and programs. Outside our familiar academic culture lies a vast and endangered world. Daily occurrences on the big stages of our overstressed society and natural environment effect – in ways writ large and small – the way men and women in the post-9/11 millennial generation live their lives. The CRC encourages communication across the permeable membrane between public and private worlds and spheres; and explores the impact of large contexts upon the intimate content of our thoughts and character, no matter what intellectual and imaginative roads are pursued. This year, borrowing (with admiration) a provocative question posed by the Museum of Modern Art, the CRC is likewise asking, “What happens at the intersection of precise knowledge with infinite possibility?” We are going to explore the revival of “The Long Form” as a way of expression in our “tweeting” world. We are going to encourage the intelligences of University faculty doing new work to think of our site as a blank canvas existing for the exercise of their imaginations.


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