An Analysis of Media Reports on Gold Mining Issues in Ghana

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The proliferations of media sources and non-profits organizations in Ghana have put the negative impacts of mining on the "spot"; this has resulted in public outcry about mining. Although, the gold mining industry has responded by implementing several voluntary measures to ensure sustainable mineral development, these critics label such measures as "green wash". In this study, a content analysis of newspaper articles of the Ghana Web Database was carried out after the collection of a total of approximately 900 newspaper articles from it. The data were statistically analyzed to chronologically examine the main media view points and the changing perception of mining issues as reported by private and public media. The results showed government, mining industry (Gold), illegal miners and non-profit & community groups as the main media view points and total of twenty-eight related gold mining sustainability issues. The findings of this study could be used by the gold mining companies to improve upon the communications of their unknown sustainable mineral development measures and to design effective communications and education programs for the public.

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