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Procedia Environmental Sciences


Due to poor waste management in mechanic villages (MVs), average metal concentration (mgkg-1) is Pb 1162±572; Mn 864±531; Cu 385±202; Fe 49259±4770; Cd 20±13; Zn 824±190; and Ni 40±35, causing ecological and public health risks in parts of Nigeria. Average metal dispersion (mgkg-1/m) from MVs to residential areas was estimated at 9.2 for Pb; 6.7 for Mn; 6.1 for Zn; 1.5 for Cu; 197 for Fe; 0.3 for Ni; and 0.04 for Cd. This represents a mobility order of Fe>Pb>Mn>Zn>Cu>Ni>Cd, and a pollution order of Pb>Ni>Mn>Zn>Fe>Cu>Cd. MV advantages as a capacity building, and in poverty alleviation notwithstanding, its practice must be environmentally friendly.


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Nwachukwu, M. A., Feng, H., & Alinnor, J. (2011). Urban Environmental Pollution 2010: Trace Metal Dispersion in Soil from Auto-Mechanic Village to Urban Residential Areas in Owerri, Nigeria. Procedia Environmental Sciences, 4, 310-322. doi:10.1016/j.proenv.2011.03.036