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Mathematical Social Sciences


This paper studies the nature of social welfare orders on infinite utility streams, satisfying the consequentialist equity principles known as Hammond Equity and the Pigou-Dalton transfer principle. The first result shows that every social welfare order satisfying Hammond Equity and the Strong Pareto axioms is non-constructive in nature for all non-trivial domains, Y. The second result shows that, when the domain set is Y = [0, 1], every social welfare order satisfying the Pigou-Dalton transfer principle is non-constructive in nature. Specifically, in both results, we show that the existence of the appropriate social welfare order entails the existence of a non-Ramsey set, a non-constructive object. The second result also provides an example of a social welfare order which can be represented, but which cannot be constructed.



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Dubey, R. S., & Mitra, T. (2014). On construction of equitable social welfare orders on infinite utility streams. Mathematical Social Sciences, 71, 53-60.

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