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International Journal of Economic Theory


The present paper examines the problem of aggregating infinite utility streams with a social welfare function that respects the Anonymity and Weak Pareto Axioms. The paper provides a complete characterization of domains (of the one period utilities) on which such an aggregation is possible. A social welfare function satisfying the Anonymity and Weak Pareto Axioms exists on precisely those domains that do not contain any set of the order typeof the set of positive and negative integers. The criterion is applied to decide on possibility and impossibility results for a variety of domains. It is also used to provide an alternative formulation of the characterization result in terms of the accumulation points of the domain.



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Dubey, R. S., & Mitra, T. (2011). On equitable social welfare functions satisfying the weak Pareto axiom: a complete characterization. International Journal of Economic Theory, 7(3), 231-250.

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