Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Educational Foundations, College of Education and Human Services, are collected here.


Submissions from 2020


Managing Classroom Assessment to Enhance Student Learning, Nicole Barnes and Helenrose Fives (2020)


Raciolinguistics and the Education of Emergent Bilinguals Labeled as Disabled, María Cioè-Peña (2020)


International Handbook of Self-Study of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices, Julian Kitchen, Amanda Berry, Shawn Michael Bullock, Alicia R. Crowe, Monica Taylor, Hafdís Guðjónsdóttir, and Lynn Thomas (2020)

Submissions from 2019

Literacy Teachers’ Beliefs About Data Use at the Bookends of Elementary School, Nicole Barnes, Catherine M. Brighton, Helenrose Fives, and Tonya R. Moon (2019)

Community Coalitions as Spaces for Collective Voice, Action, and the Sharing of Resources, David T. Lardier, Carrie Bergeson, Autumn M. Bermea, Kathryn Herr, Bradley Forenza, Pauline Garcia-Reid, and Robert Reid (2019)

Merit in Meritocracy: Uncovering the Myth of Exceptionality and Self-Reliance Through the Voices of Urban Youth of Color, David T. Lardier, Kathryn Herr, Veronica R. Barrios, Pauline Garcia-Reid, and Robert Reid (2019)

Symmetry is Not a Universal Law of Beauty, Helmut Leder, Pablo Tinio, David Brieber, Tonio Kröner, Thomas Jacobsen, and Raphael Rosenberg (2019)

The Impact of Surface Cleaning Restoration of Paintings On Observers' Eye Fixation Patterns and Artworks' Pictorial Qualities, Paul J. Locher, Pablo Tinio, and Elizabeth A. Krupinski (2019)

Understanding Glocal Contexts in Education : What Every Novice Teacher Needs to Know, David Schwarzer and Jaime Grinberg (2019)

On the Relevance of Cognitive Neuroscience for Community of Inquiry, Mark Weinstein and Dan Fisherman (2019)

Submissions from 2018

Cases of Teachers' Data Use, Nicole Barnes and Helenrose Fives (2018)

A Person-Centered Approach to Understanding Teachers' Classroom Practices and Perceived School Goal Structures, Nicole Barnes, Helenrose Fives, Jamaal Matthews, and Kit Marie SaizdeLaMora (2018)

The Model of Domain Learning : Understanding the Development of Expertise, Helenrose Fives and Daniel L. Dinsmore (2018)

Black and Belonging at School: A Case for Interpersonal, Instructional, and Institutional Opportunity Structures, De Leon L. Gray, Elan C. Hope, and Jamaal Matthews (2018)

In Community of Inquiry with Ann Margaret Sharp : Childhood, Philosophy and Education, Maughn Rollins Gregory and Megan Jane Laverty (2018)

Community of Philosophical Inquiry and the Play of the World, David Kennedy (2018)

The New School, David Kennedy (2018)

Adult Youth Workers’ Conceptions of Their Work in an Under-Resourced Community in the United States, David T. Lardier, Kathryn Herr, Pauline Garcia-Reid, and Robert Reid (2018)


Inservice Preparation for Mainstream Teachers of English Language Learners : a Review of the Empirical Literature, Tamara Lucas, Kathryn J. Strom, Meghan Bratkovich, and Jennifer Wnuk (2018)

When Am I Ever Going to Use This in the Real World? Cognitive Flexibility and Urban Adolescents' Negotiation of the Value of Mathematics, Jamaal Matthews (2018)

Religious Studies Scholars as Public Intellectuals, Sabrina D. MisirHiralall, Christopher L. Fici, and Gerald S. Vigna (2018)

How Relationship Status and Sociosexual Orientation Influence the Link Between Facial Attractiveness and Visual Attention, Aleksandra Mitrovic, Juergen Goller, Pablo Tinio, and Helmut Leder (2018)

Capturing Aesthetic Experiences with Installation Art: An Empirical Assessment of Emotion, Evaluations, and Mobile Eye Tracking in Olafur Eliasson's "Baroque, Baroque!", Matthew Pelowski, Helmut Leder, Vanessa Mitschke, Eva Specker, Gernot Gerger, Pablo Tinio, Elena Vaporova, Till Bieg, and Agnes Husslein-Arco (2018)

Submissions from 2017

U.S. Teachers' Conceptions of the Purposes of Assessment, Nicole Barnes, Helenrose Fives, and Charity M. Dacey (2017)

Teachers' Epistemic Cognition in the Context of Dialogic Practice: A Question of Calibration?, Ivar Bråten, Krista R. Muis, and Alina Reznitskaya (2017)

"Integrated Out of Existence": African American Debates over School Integration versus Separation at the Bordentown School in New Jersey, 1886-1955, Zoe Burkholder (2017)

Informed and Uninformed Naïve Assessment Constructors’ Strategies for Item Selection, Helenrose Fives and Nicole Barnes (2017)

Teachers' Epistemic Cognition in Classroom Assessment, Helenrose Fives, Nicole Barnes, Michelle M. Buehl, Julia Mascadri, and Nathan Ziegler (2017)

The Routledge International Handbook of Philosophy for Children, Maughn R. Gregory, Joanna Haynes, and Karin Murris (2017)

Insiders Doing PAR with Youth in Their Schools: Negotiating Professional Boundaries and Healing Justice, Kathryn Herr (2017)

An Archetypal Phenomenology of Skholé, David Kennedy (2017)

Anarchism, Schooling, and Democratic Sensibility, David Kennedy (2017)

Philosophy of Childhood Today : Exploring the Boundaries, David Kennedy and Brock Bahler (2017)

Inclusion, Diversity, and Intercultural Dialogue in Young People's Philosophical Inquiry, Ching-Ching Lin and Lavina Sequeira (2017)

Confronting Orientalism : A Self-Study of Educating through Hindu Dance, Sabrina D. MisirHiralall (2017)

Beyond the Laban Examination of Key Factors Influencing Interaction with 'Real' and Museum-Based Art, Matthew Pelowski, M. Forster, Pablo Tinio, Maria Scholl, and Helmut Leder (2017)

Truth Matters: Teaching Young Students to Search for the Most Reasonable Answer, Alina Reznitskaya and Ian A.G. Wilkinson (2017)

Successful Teaching : What Every Novice Teacher Needs to Know, David Schwarzer and Jaime Grinberg (2017)

Time Spent Viewing Art and Reading Labels, Lisa F. Smith, Jeffrey K. Smith, and Pablo Tinio (2017)

Do You See What I See? an Investigation of the Aesthetic Experience in the Laboratory and Museum, Eva Specker, Pablo Tinio, and Michiel van Elk (2017)

Playhouse : Optimistic Stories of Real Hope for Families with Little Children, Monica Taylor (2017)

Toward a More Dialogic Pedagogy: Changing Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices Through Professional Development in Language Arts Classrooms, Ian A.G. Wilkinson, Alina Reznitskaya, Kristin Bourdage, Joseph Oyler, Monica Glina, Robert Drewry, Min Young Kim, and Kathryn Nelson (2017)

Submissions from 2016

Creating a Context for Growth-Focused Assessment, Nicole Barnes and Helenrose Fives (2016)

Assessing Assessment Texts: Where is Planning?, Helenrose Fives, Nicole Barnes, Charity Dacey, and Anna Gillis (2016)

Teachers’ Beliefs, in the Context of Policy Reform, Helenrose Fives and Michelle M. Buehl (2016)

Cooperating Teacher Compensation and Benefits: Comparing 1957-1958 and 2012-2013, Helenrose Fives, Tammy M. Mills, and Charity M. Dacey (2016)


Breve reseña histórica de la preparación de magisterio en los Estados Unidos, Jaime Grinberg (2016)


Escolarización y Clase Social en los Estados Unidos, Jaime Grinberg, Jeremy Price, and Fernando Naiditch (2016)

What's Our Position? a Critical Media Literacy Study of Popular Culture Websites with Eighth-Grade Special Education Students, Ted Kesler, Pablo Tinio, and Brian T. Nolan (2016)

Consequences of Beauty: Effects of Rater Sex and Sexual Orientation On the Visual Exploration and Evaluation of Attractiveness in Real World Scenes, Aleksandra Mitrovic, Pablo Tinio, and Helmut Leder (2016)

Exploring Divergent Patterns in Racial Identity Profiles Between Caribbean Black American and African American Adolescentsthe Links to Perceived Discrimination and Psychological Concerns, Delida Sanchez, Keisha L. Bentley-Edwards, Jamaal Matthews, and Teresa Granillo (2016)

The Periodic Table and the Model of Emerging Truth, Mark Weinstein (2016)

Submissions from 2015

Nueva Gestión Pública Y El Nuevo Educador Profesional Enmarcando El Problema, Gary Anderson and Kathryn Herr (2015)

Assessment360A Promising Assessment Technique for Preservice Teacher Education, Nicole Barnes and Anna Gillis (2015)

Curricular Choice and Adolescents' Interest in Math: The Roles of Network Diversity and Math Identity, Brian V. Carolan and Jamaal Matthews (2015)

Which Middle School Model Works Best? Evidence from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Brian V. Carolan, Christopher C. Weiss, and Jamaal Matthews (2015)

International Handbook of Research on Teachers' Beliefs, Helenrose Fives and Michele Gregoire Gill (2015)


Learning to Teach for Social Justice: Context and Progressivism at Bank Street in the 1930’s, Jaime Grinberg and Katia Paz Goldfarb (2015)

Cultivando Subjetividades Disruptivasinterrumpiendo El Nuevo Profesionalismo, Kathryn Herr (2015)

The Action Research Dissertation : A Guide for Students and Faculty, Kathryn Herr and Gary L. Anderson (2015)

A Year in the Life of a Third Space Urban Teacher Residency : Using Inquiry to Reinvent Teacher Education, Monica Taylor and Emily J. Klein (2015)

Submissions from 2014

Using a Table of Specifications to Improve Teacher-Constructed Traditional Tests: An Experimental Design, Nicole Barnes, Helenrose Fives, and Emily S. Krause (2014)

Men at the Crossroads: A Profile Analysis of Hypermasculinity in Emerging Adulthood, Charles S. Corprew, Jamaal Matthews, and Avery Devell Mitchell (2014)

Exploring Differences in Practicing Teachers’ Valuing of Pedagogical Knowledge Based On Teaching Ability Beliefs, Helenrose Fives and Michelle M. Buehl (2014)

Developing a Measure of Scientific Literacy for Middle School Students, Helenrose Fives, Wendy Huebner, Amanda Birnbaum, and Mark Nicolich (2014)

The Procedurally Directive Approach to Teaching Controversial Issues, Maughn Gregory (2014)

Preschool to Kindergarten Transition Patterns for African American Boys, Iheoma U. Iruka, Nicole Gardner-Neblett, Jamaal Matthews, and Donna Marie C. Winn (2014)

Neoteny, Dialogic Education and an Emergent Psychoculture: Notes On Theory and Practice, David Kennedy (2014)

Multiple Pathways to Identification: Exploring the Multidimensionality of Academic Identity Formation in Ethnic Minority Males, Jamaal Matthews (2014)

Academic Identity Formation and Motivation among Ethnic Minority Adolescents: The Role of the "Self" Between Internal and External Perceptions of Identity, Jamaal Matthews, Meeta Banerjee, and Fani Lauermann (2014)

Gender Processes in School Functioning and the Mediating Role of Cognitive Self-Regulation, Jamaal Matthews, Loren M. Marulis, and Amanda P. Williford (2014)

Gender, Feminism, and Queer Theory in the Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices, Monica Taylor (2014)

The Cambridge Handbook of the Psychology of Aesthetics and the Arts, Pablo P.L. Tinio and Jeffrey K. Smith (2014)

Deschooling the Imagination : Critical Thought as Social Practice, Eric J. Weiner (2014)

Submissions from 2013

Classroom Test Construction: The Power of a Table of Specifications, Helenrose Fives and Nicole Barnes (2013)

Philosophy for, with, and of Children, Monica B. Glina (2013)


Preparing Linguistically Responsive Teachers: Laying the Foundation in Preservice Teacher Education, Tamara Lucas and AnaMaría Villegas (2013)

Comparing Student Experiences with Story Discussions in Dialogic Versus Traditional Settings, Alina Reznitskaya and Monica Glina (2013)

Student Thought and Classroom Language: Examining the Mechanisms of Change in Dialogic Teaching, Alina Reznitskaya and Maughn Gregory (2013)

From Artistic Creation to Aesthetic Reception: The Mirror Model of Art, Pablo Tinio (2013)

Birds of a Feather... Generalization of Facial Structures Following Massive Familiarization, Pablo Tinio, Gernot Gerger, and Helmut Leder (2013)

Logic, Truth and Inquiry, Mark Weinstein (2013)

Todo Corazon : The Tango Album, Mark Weinstein, Abel Rogantini, Raul Jaurena, Francisco Navarro, and Pablo Aslan (2013)

Submissions from 2012

Examining Transfer Effects from Dialogic Discussions to New Tasks and Contexts, Alina Reznitskaya, Monica Glina, Brian Carolan, Olivier Michaud, Jon Rogers, and Lavina Sequeira (2012)

Philosophy for Children in Transition : Problems and Prospects, Nancy Vansieleghem and David K. Kennedy (2012)


Collaboration Between Multicultural and Special Teacher Educators: Pulling Together the Threads in the Conversation, AnaMaría Villegas (2012)


Closing the Racial/Ethnic Gap between Students of Color and Their Teachers: An Elusive Goal, AnaMaría Villegas, Kathryn J. Strom, and Tamara Lucas (2012)

Submissions from 2011

Scaling Up "Evidence-Based" Practices for Teachers is a Profitable But Discredited Paradigm, Gary L. Anderson and Kathryn Herr (2011)

Color in the Classroom : How American Schools Taught Race, 1900-1954, Zoë Burkholder (2011)

Faces Versus Patterns: Exploring Aesthetic Reactions Using Facial EMG, Gernot Gerger, Helmut Leder, Pablo Tinio, and Annekathrin Schacht (2011)

Philosophy for Children and Its Critics: A Mendham Dialogue, Maughn Gregory (2011)

Community of Philosophical Inquiry as a Discursive Structure, and Its Role in School Curriculum Design, Nadia S. Kennedy and David Kennedy (2011)

Emotional Valence Modulates the Preference for Curved Objects, Helmut Leder, Pablo Tinio, and Moshe Bar (2011)

Teacher Preparation for Linguistically Diverse Classrooms : A Resource for Teacher Educators, Tamara Lucas (2011)

Image Quality and the Aesthetic Judgment of Photographs: Contrast, Sharpness, and Grain Teased Apart and Put Together, Pablo Tinio, Helmut Leder, and Marlies Strasser (2011)

What is Philosophy for Children, What is Philosophy with Children-After Matthew Lipman?, Nancy Vansieleghem and David Kennedy (2011)

Arguing Towards Truth: The Case of the Periodic Table, Mark Weinstein (2011)

El Cumbanchero, Mark Weinstein and Aruán Ortiz (2011)

Submissions from 2010

From Forced Tolerance to Forced Busing: Wartime Intercultural Education and the Rise of Black Educational Activism in Boston, Zoe Burkholder (2010)

When Attractiveness Demands Longer Looks: The Effects of Situation and Gender, Helmut Leder, Pablo Tinio, Isabella M. Fuchs, and Isabel Bohrn (2010)