Exploring Teachers' Beliefs About Teaching Knowledge: Where Does It Come from? Does It Change?

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The authors analyzed the open-ended responses of preservice (n = 53) and practicing (n = 57) teachers in terms of themes related to beliefs regarding the source and stability of teaching knowledge. Findings indicate that participants hold a range of beliefs regarding these constructs. Six themes related to the source of teaching knowledge emerged: formal education, formalized bodies of knowledge, observational learning, collaboration with others, enactive experiences, and self-reflection. For beliefs about the stability of teaching knowledge, individuals expressed beliefs about the amount, direction, and quality of knowledge change with regard to various aspects of knowledge (e.g., content knowledge, use and integration of technology, knowledge of development and pedagogy). The authors relate their findings to the existing literature and discuss the implications of the identified beliefs for future research as well as teacher education, development, and practice.



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