The Emerging Learning Design Journal

Digital Humanities

A Note From The Editors

Jerry Alan Fails, AJ Kelton

We are very pleased to present the first special issue in the short history of the journal. Until today, we have been a proceedings publication, presenting articles resulting from presentations at the annual Emerging Learning Design conference (ELDc). This issue represents our first open-call, themed issue, and we look forward to adding this second annual publication. The Digital Humanities has become a hot-topic of conversation in many educational circles, often focused both on content and the relevancy of a relatively new, but rapidly growing, interdisciplinary field. The articles and brief in this issue contribute to this field. We look forward to an active, ongoing conversation within the ELD community to continue to contribute to the Digital Humanities.




The Social Network of Early English Drama: A Digital Humanities Lesson Plan
Adam Rzepka, Pierce Williams, and Jennifer Royston