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This marvelous collection of sacred texts and images from pre-Columbian Central American culture is well presented and carefully introduced, providing a wealth of material on goddess images in village cultures and on the urban tradition with its creation and rulership myths. Authors Roberta Markman (comparative literature, California State, Long Beach) and Peter Markman (English, Fullerton) concentrate on the unfolding of these traditions, on their social and historical backgrounds, and on profundity as revealed in literary and visual texts. Essential for academic and museum libraries, recommended for seminary and public libraries.

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Markman, Roberta H., and Peter T. Markman

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Markman, R. H., & Markman, P. T. (1992). The flayed God: the mesoamerican mythological tradition: sacred texts and images from pre-Columbian Mexico and Central America. HarperSanFrancisco.