Plasticized : A Dance Film

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MSU-Only Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


College of the Arts


Theatre and Dance

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Maxine Steinman

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Apollinaire Scherr

Committee Member

Emmanuele Phuon


In my thesis performance project, I explored how I can use my skills to create innovative work and inform and inspire social change as an aerial artist. Plasticized: A Dance Film is a project that reflects my viewpoint on the excessive usage of plastic in our society. I also have an artistic motivation for making this film. By exploring and utilizing the approach of Rudolf von Laban, I demonstrate how Aerial Dance can surpass the “wow factor” of the genre with thought-provoking and meaningful work. To raise awareness about global plastic pollution, my dance film brings Laban Movement Analysis to bear on my specialization, Aerial Circus and Dance. This written thesis reveals my research into Aerial Dance, Aerial Circus, Laban Movement Analysis, and Bartenieff Fundamentals as well as looking at key issues related to dance as protest, specifically environmental pollution. Finally, I trace my creative process and reflect on the resulting film.


The performance video is restricted to the Montclair State University community but the PDF file of the thesis, which is located at the bottom of the screen, is available to anyone interested in reading it.

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Ribeiro da Silva, Claudio_Redacted.pdf (636 kB)
PDF file of written thesis

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