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Master of Arts (MA)


College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Political Science and Law

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Ian Drake

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Jack Baldwin LeClair

Committee Member

Ariel Alvarez


This thesis seeks to analyze patent trolls and how they are able to prey on successful patented innovations to monopolize on profits, all while doing it legally. This research aims to answer the question if patent trolls can be stopped without infringing on an individual’s property rights. This study analyzes various legislation enacted to limit the actions of patent trolls, and if they are sufficient in their totality to prevent the trolls from making a profit off a patent(s), they have no intention of utilizing or have never used. The data will be analyzed to show if the enacted reform has impacted preventing patent trolls from flooding the patent litigation system and interfering with innovation. Additionally, the study will analyze if prospective legal reform would impact the hindrance of the actions of patent trolls. Patent trolls will continue to exist as they cannot be stopped without sacrificing an individual’s property rights.

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