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Master of Arts (MA)


College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Spanish and Latino Studies

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Diana Guemárez-Cruz

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Linda Gould Levine

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Raúl Galoppe


This thesis focuses on the life and literary legacy of one of the Hispanic world’s women, María Rosa de Gálvez (1768-1806) who wrote her poetic works and lyrical compositions in the Neoclassic Period. Gálvez is the author of seven original tragic dramas, five original comedies, a collection of poems and two translations.

Since one of the many issues that concerned the Spanish Enlightenment was the abilities and rights of women, this is also included in the analysis. Gálvez’s literary works proposed a new type of woman, like the characters in her plays: strong women who protest the plight of Spanish women and dare the male authority, one who defied the patriarchal system. Her poetry, tragedies, and comedies will anticipate the future románticas and the romantic drama.

Chapter 1 analyzes the historic literary context in which María Rosa de Gálvez started writing her poetic works. Her historical background will be included in this chapter, as well as the analyses of her poems.

Chapter 2 presents the analysis of Gálvez’s tragedies and the presence of Deconstruction in her dramatic works.

Chapter 3 contains the analysis of Gálvez’s comedies: The Egoist, The Literary Nitwits and The Modern Family.

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