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Master of Arts (MA)


College of Humanities and Social Sciences



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Julian P. Keenan

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Paul Amrheim

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Cigdem Talgar


Only by understanding the uniquely human ability to take a first- second- and third-person perspective, can we begin to elucidate the neural processes responsible for one’s inimitable conscious experience. The current study examined differences in hemispheric laterality during a first-person perspective (1PP) and third-person perspective (3PP) taking task, using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). Subjects were asked to take either the 1PP or 3PP in identifying the number of spheres in a virtual scene. During this task, single- pulse TMS was delivered to the motor cortex of both the left and right hemispheres of 10 healthy volunteers. Measures of TMS-induced motor-evoked potentials (MEP’s) of the contralateral abductor pollicus brevis (APB) were used as an indicator of lateralized cortical activation. The data suggest that the right hemisphere is an integral component for discriminating between 1PP and 3PP and that the link between the primary- representational “self” (1PP) and the meta- representational state of 3PP may lie within the LH.

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