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Master of Arts (MA)


College of Humanities and Social Sciences



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David Radosevich

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Kenneth Sumner

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Jennifer Bragger


The present research examines the effects of the four-factor model of goal orientation, two dimensions from the five-factor personality model, and two of the Hogan dysfunctional personality dimensions on a measure of Psychological Capital. Relationships in regard to grade level and job status, as well as intercorrelations between the individual factors of the constructs are also explored. Participants included 219 undergraduate and graduate students. Overall, the findings suggest that emotional stability, MPGO, and PPGO are all positively related to PsyCap, whereas MVGO, PVGO, excitability, and dutifulness are all negatively related to PsyCap. Furthermore, it was found that full-time employees tend to have significantly higher PsyCap than part- time employees. Theoretical and applied implications resulting from this study are discussed.

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