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Master of Science (MS)


College of Science and Mathematics



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Jonathan Cutler

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Mika Munakata

Committee Member

Ashwin Vaidya


According to Piaget’s cognitive development theory and the constructivism learning theory of education, real learning occurs when students establish long term connections between disciplines by either adapting or redefining previously acquired knowledge. These ideologies have important teaching and learning implications that directly influence curriculum development and the design of a course of study. This thesis explores the interconnectedness of the subjects required for the successful completion of an undergraduate math program at Montclair State University. More specifically, it models students’ unique connections through a learning network and investigates the correlation between the interconnectivity of subjects and students’ overall performance. Results from this project indicate that participants' GPA is significantly better when the number of connections between courses is higher. As a result, an integrated curriculum can provide students with more opportunities to make strong neural connections between courses and consequently improve their overall performance.

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