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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


College for Education and Engaged Learning


Teacher Education and Teacher Development

Thesis Sponsor/Dissertation Chair/Project Chair

Monica Taylor

Thesis Sponsor/Dissertation Chair/Project Chair

Katrina Bulkley

Committee Member

Reva Jeff-Walter


As I became a teacher educator abroad, I wondered how my teacher educator identity changed since becoming a Ph.D. student in the U.S. This self-study focused on understanding my teacher educator identity development using arts-based methods to generate data and then narrating the intricacies of my transcultural in-depth and analyzed journey. Using a third space construct, my self-study contributes to the body of literature on the becoming of a teacher educator from an international perspective. It presents the analysis of my learning experiences as an international student, originally from Peru and enrolled in a teacher education and teacher development Ph.D. program at a northeastern state university in the U.S.

For an in-depth understanding of my transcultural journey, this self-study underscored the idea that I was a sojourner as an international student. A sojourner is an individual who, as a consequence of residing temporarily in a place while maintaining attachments to her place of origin, experiences contradictory thoughts, feelings, and emotions. In this self-study, I described how seeing myself at the intersection of two worlds, Peru and the U.S., affected how I understood my teacher educator development and subsequent mentoring and teaching practices. Through the transcultural lens of a sojourner, supported by border crossing and third space perspectives, and the use of multimodal strategies to generate and collect data, this research provided rich opportunities for an in-depth understanding of the nuances of my teacher educator becoming, which might also reflect the becomings of those emerging teacher educators who, being international, transnational, or bi-national, embody border-crossing circumstances and sentiments like I did.

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