A Portrait of Imprints Through the Canvas of the Landscape

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MSU-Only Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


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Theatre and Dance

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Kathleen Kelley

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Lori Katterhenry

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Maxine Steinman


For a ballet dancer, the studio is her space, her container, and her home. There is comfort in and attachment to the studio as it is a place she is told what, where and when to move. Over the years and through my studies, I have shifted where my comfort zone [my home] and my creative process lives because I am no longer comfortable in the conventional studio space. Through my research, I discovered how three different spaces, the studio, the Hangar Theatre, and the Herbert F. Johnson Art Museum, influenced my movement and how the "self" (a dance maker) and a "space" cannot stand alone to create the narrative. The need for the “self” and the “space” to co-exist is essential in my process of developing and sustaining a cohesive idea of movement. The depth of complexity when listening to my “self” and the “space” has developed a vital and clear relationship. This paper will explain the pathway I created in my new-found knowledge of each space and how I began “listening” and reacting to each space so that the work and energy of the dancers, and myself, could adapt and live purposefully.


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