The Role of Philosophy for Children's Community of Philosophical Inquiry in Critical Media Literacy

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


College of Education and Human Services


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David K. Kennedy

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Mark Weinstein

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Tyson Lewis


This study explores the relevance of Media Studies (MS) and Critical Media Literacy (CML) and their compatibility with Philosophy for Children (P4C) as an aim for education. Under the assumption that a synthesis of the two camps (MS and CML) is necessary, it is not sufficient for defining a classroom practice. Instead, what is missing in media literacy is an in-depth analysis of the philosophical content inherent in media images such as those in television commercials.

Thus, the following research question governed this study:

To what extent can the curriculum of Critical Media Literacy be enhanced through the curricular approach—the identification and exploration of philosophical concepts—and the teaching methodology—community of philosophical inquiry—of philosophy for children? I have termed that putative enhancement Philosophical Media Literacy to bridge the gap between teaching, thinking philosophically and the information environment.


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