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Master of Arts (MA)


College of the Arts


John J. Cali School of Music

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Brian Abrams

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Stephanie Sivera

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Joanne Loewy

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John Mondanaro


Music therapy, Music therapy for children, Neonatal intensive care


Infant mortality is the number one killer of children in the city of Detroit (Bouffard, 2014) and prematurity is the largest component, representing more than fifty percent of the current infant deaths in Detroit (Bouffard, 2014; Johnson, 2015,, 2015) . Over the last two decades there has been an overwhelming amount of research in support of music therapy meeting the needs of parents and infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Abrams, Dassler, Lee, Loewy, Silverman & Telsey, 2007; Arnon, Shapsa, Forman, Regev, Bauer, Litmanovitz, & Dolfin, 2006; Baker & Mackinlay, 2006; Cevasco, 2008; Creighton, 2011; Edwards, 2011; Loewy, Stewart, Dassler, Telsey, & Homel, 2013; Schwartz, 2007; Schwartz & Ritchie, 2007; Shenfield, Trehub, & Nakata, 2003; Standley, 2001; Standley, Cassidy, Grant, Cevasco, Szuch, Nguyen, Walworth, Procelli, Jarred, & Adams, 2010; Whipple, 2008). The nationally acclaimed and highly revered health organizations (, 2015) in the city of Detroit have yet to include music therapy as part of their services for care within their NICU. In addressing the socio-economic and clinical issues faced by the mothers, infants, and families most at risk for infant mortality, music therapy services modeled via the principles of Community Music Therapy, will be presented as a supplemental resource for care.

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