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Master of Arts (MA)


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John J. Cali School of Music

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Karen Goodman

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Concetta Tomaino

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Ken Lam


Music therapy--Study and teaching, Orchestral musicians


This paper proposes a supplemental educational track for the training of music therapy students who play an orchestral instrument. Containing three courses, this proposed protocol for instruction aims to bridge the gap between standard practices of classical music training, and training related specifically to music therapy in a graduate program. Designed with a focus on improving one’s functional musicianship on his or her orchestral instrument, courses offer opportunities to foster and practice these skills through class workshops, and community outreach and advocacy.

Starting with a detailed review of literature, this paper delves into the use of orchestral instruments in music therapy over the history of the profession. Historical use, as well as current use is explored, culminating in issues related to the use of orchestral instruments in therapy. Of the issues discussed, the issue related to lack of education and training on the therapeutic use of one’s primary instrument is the primary focus, resulting in the proposal of the aforementioned supplemental curriculum for graduate study.

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