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Master of Arts (MA)


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Ruth Propper

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Jennifer Pardo

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Kenneth Sumner


This study examines the relationship between 2D:4D digit ratio, anger, and music preference. Digit ratio is the ratio of the finger lengths of the second and fourth finger, and is an indicator of prenatal testosterone levels. Prenatal testosterone levels are positively correlated with aggression in adulthood. Anger is a feeling that can be experienced as a standalone emotion, or it can lead to aggression. Due to the link between aggression and prenatal testosterone levels, anger was hypothesized to have a positive correlation with prenatal testosterone, shown by a negative correlation with digit ratio. In addition, music preference is related to personality traits, including anger and aggression. Therefore, it was hypothesized that music preference and digit ratio would be correlated. The results indicated a negative correlation between digit ratio in the left hand and aggression in women (r = -.363, p < .05, n = 30), supporting previous research on digit ratio and aggression. Correlations were found between music preferences and digit ratio for women, for blues music (r = -.362, p < .05, n = 30), soundtrack / theme song (r = -.364, p < .05), and gospel music (r = .367, p < .05, n = 30). This digit ratio research paves the way for further study into the relationship between music preference and prenatal testosterone.

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