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Master of Science (MS)


College of Science and Mathematics


Applied Mathematics and Statistics

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Eric Forgoston

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Lora Billings

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David Trubatch


Studies on both model-based and empirical food webs have shown that per- turbations to an ecological community can cause a species to go extinct, often resulting in the loss of additional species in a cascade of secondary extinctions. These e ects can seriously debilitate a food web and threaten the existence of an ecosystem. Here, we consider niche model-based food webs with internal noise and investigate the e ects of a control on a secondary extinction cas- cade triggered by a noise-induced extinction. We show that the forced removal of a nonbasal species immediately after a primary extinction can extend the mean time to extinction of individual nonbasal species as well as that of the complete extinction cascade. An analysis of numerical and statistical results illustrates the e ectiveness of a control in delaying the mean time to extinction for endangered species in stochastic food webs.

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