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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


College of Education and Human Services


Teacher Education and Teacher Development

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Douglas Larkin

Committee Member

Jeremy Price

Committee Member

Emily Hodge


Teacher effectiveness has been targeted by government agencies and educational think tanks for raising student achievement and providing equitable education for all. Exploring how teachers enacted their development of practice in a teacher-initiated learning community of practice to improve student achievement in mathematics exposed mediating factors responsible for teacher learning. This qualitative study drew upon Aristotle’s discussion of phronesis and Lave and Wenger’s (1991) concept of legitimate peripheral participation to interpret how artifacts produced within and across communities of practice reified the elements of collaborative teacher learning that lead to changes in instructional practice during a reform initiative. These findings add to research regarding Wenger’s (1998) community of practice conceptual framework as a means to investigate the nuances of collaborative teacher learning within and across school communities.

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