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Master of Arts (MA)


College of Education and Human Services


Family and Child Studies

Thesis Sponsor/Dissertation Chair/Project Chair

Miriam Linver

Committee Member

Pauline Garcia-Reid

Committee Member

Dana Heller Levitt


Purpose: The impact of cancer in childhood among adult survivors needs to be studied to see how being diagnosed with cancer in childhood is associated with mental health in adulthood. Specifically this study will examine depressive symptoms. If there are negative effects such as depressive symptoms, it is important to know what may help reduce them such as support and counseling. Methods: This is a quantitative study where 49 adult survivors of childhood cancer participated in an online survey. They were recruited from forums for cancer survivors and with snowball sampling.

Results: Through correlation analyses and ANCOVA, it was found that counseling helps reduce depressive symptoms in adult survivors of childhood cancer. Other predictors were not found to be significant and would be better assessed with a larger sample.

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