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Master of Science (MS)


College of Science and Mathematics



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Jonathan Cutler

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Deepak Bal

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Aihua Li


Trees (Graph theory), Domination (Graph theory)


In this work, we investigate bounds on the number of independent sets in a graph and its complement, along with the corresponding question for number of dominating sets. Nordhaus and Gaddum gave bounds on χ(G)+χ(G) and χ(G) χ(G), where G is any graph on n vertices and χ(G) is the chromatic number of G. Nordhaus-Gaddum- type inequalities have been studied for many other graph invariants. In this work, we concentrate on i(G), the number of independent sets in G, and ∂(G), the number of dominating sets in G. We focus our attention on Nordhaus-Gaddum-type inequalities over trees on a fixed number of vertices. In particular, we give sharp upper and lower bounds on i(T )+ i(T ) where T is a tree on n vertices, improving bounds and proofs of Hu and Wei. We also give upper and lower bounds on i(G) + i(G) where G is a unicyclic graph on n vertices, again improving a result of Hu and Wei. Lastly, we investigate ∂(T )+ ∂(T ) where T is a tree on n vertices. We use a result of Wagner to give a lower bound and make a conjecture about an upper bound.

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