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This study aimed to investigate the effect of charisma, voice pitch, and information richness on followers’ perceptions of leadership and task performance. A number of previous studies consistently found significant effects of charisma on performance. Similarly, some studies found the effect of lower voice pitch on leadership perception and effectiveness. In addition, the growth of information technology has changed the way leaders influence followers, making this variable an interesting one to examine. This study employed 2 (charisma vs. non-charisma) x 2 (low vs. high voice pitch) x 2 (strong vs. weak information delivery) experimental design. The participants were undergrad students (N= 259) and most of them were female (Female= 185, Male= 74) with age range from 18 to 31 (mean= 19.76, SD= 2.25). The study found the main effect of charismatic leader (F= \2Al,p< .001) and lower voice pitch (F= 12.89, p< .001) on participants’ rating of charisma. In addition, the three-way interaction also occurred on the effect of leader charisma, voice pitch, and information richness on performance (F= 4.41, p< .05). Participants under non-charismatic, low pitch, and strong information delivery performed highest across conditions. Implications are discussed.

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